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3D Plot

Check page 77 of the notes, from CO 255. \begin{tikzpicture}[scale=1.5] \begin{axis}[ 3d box=background, enlargelimits=true, colormap/cool, xlabel=\empty, ylabel=\empty, zlabel=\empty, xtick=\empty, ytick=\empty,ztick=\empty ] \addplot3 [domain=-4:4,domain y=-4:4, surf, shader=interp, samples=50, z buffer=sort, ] {x^2+y^2+2}; \node[circle,fill... Read more

LaTeX Class Schedule

Here is an example that how LaTeX can be used to create university class schedules. csmo2tex converts the csmo file, generated from schedule maker, to LaTeX. Template adopted from timetable.sty. Read more

LaTeX Lecture Notes Template

Since cross references in lecture notes are important, I created a template for theorem/lemma/proposition… blocks with beamer skin and proof/remark… blocks and equation block. You can see the result and the LaTeX code via here. Check the follow-up blog. Read more

Plotting functions

Remember to include necessary libraries. Here is an example from AMATH 391 assignment 1 with two functions (though I have some redundant codes…) \begin{tikzpicture}[ declare function={ func(\x)= (\x < 0.5) * (1/12) + (\x=0.5)*(1/12)+ (\x > 0.5) * (7/12) ; reals(\x) = (\x >= 0) * (\x^2); }, scale=0.6] \begin{axis}[ axis x lin... Read more

Gibbs Phenomenon

I drew the Gibbs Phenomenon in CS 371. Check the notes here in page 60. \begin{figure}[h!] \centering \begin{tikzpicture} \begin{axis}[ xmin = -4, xmax = 4, ymin = -3, ymax = 3, domain = -3 : 3, xlabel = $x$, ylabel = $y$, axis x line = center, axis y line = center, every axis x label/.append style = {below}, every axis y label/.append style =... Read more