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One can use nice matrix to draw annotated matrix with ease: \[ P=\begin{bNiceArray}{cccc|cccc}[first-row,first-col] & 0 & 1 & \cdots & M-1 & M & M+1 & \cdots & N \\ 0 & \Block{4-4}{Q} & & & & \Block{4-4}{R} \\ ... Read more

LaTeX Lecture Notes Template follow up

Based on the framework previously, some significant changes have been applied. Here are some highlights. Cover page The cover page, or the title page is from latextemplate. Moreover, as the curly braces do not scale as the title, I change a bit to make it “responsive”: % Set the width of the curly brackets above and below the titles \setlength{... Read more

Miscellaneous 2

Below are a set of techniques. Picture in tabular src: \begin{tabular}{lll} \raisebox{-.5\height}{\includegraphics[scale=0.25]{example-image}} & text & text\\ \end{tabular} yields tikz baseline in math mode src: \begin{equation} n\cdot \tikz [anchor=ba... Read more


Below are a set of useful quick links. General latex color 中国色 watermark wrap figure fancyhdr & extramarks Type sizes and changing type size in math mode tikzsymbols Problem with \printindex. No index created IPython Notebook input and output cells with listings array: set width for certain columns: w column type in arra... Read more

Controlling Sqrt

After I changed to a new font for the whole document, it also affects math font. So now $j$ becomes extremely long, and when \sqrt wants to adapt to its size, the result is not that good… You can clearly see the difference for $i$ and $j$… After some search, I found this. However, this won’t directly solve my problem. Then I combined two of ... Read more