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MUSIC 110 Timeline

In this course, we are required to do a timeline assignment. Here I used this answer and here as a starting point and produced the following:

I only keep two entries for demonstrating purpose.

I have attached my code below.


\usepackage{fourier, heuristica}
\usepackage{array, booktabs}

\newcommand{\foo}{\color{LightSteelBlue3}\makebox[0pt]{\textbullet}\hskip-0.5pt\vrule width 1pt\hspace{\labelsep}}

\captionsetup{singlelinecheck=false, font=blue, labelfont=sc, labelsep=quad}


\begin{tabular}{@{\,}c <{\hskip 2pt} !{\foo} >{\raggedright\arraybackslash}p{3cm}  >{\raggedright\arraybackslash\tiny}p{5cm} c }

Time & Name & {\normalsize Description} & Tags\\
1300 & “Plus bele que flor” &
It is a polyphonic work of four parts. Different parts have different melodies. The lowest one has the simplest melody and lyrics: melismas, long melody on a single syllable. Others are just built on top of this line. In this music, the lyrics depict the womanhood: perfect woman Mary, divine and lady. She is more beautiful than a flower, and then she is brought to the paradise.
&Medieval, Motet, Polyphonic
2014& Tanya Tagaq, “Uja” & From the reading material, we know that the composer is Inuk avant-garde vocalist (b. 1975). The album's name is 'Animism', from wiki:"is the religious belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence." thus it's pretty much religious. Interestingly, this piece of music is very contemporary, or modern. It uses so many elements, like electronics. Also some dissonant human voices (from my point of view). & Electronic, Indian, Contemporary \\


Here I used standalone class in order to fit this long table in one page…